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Think Differently, Eat Differently, Act Differently, Money Differently! ~David Zeng, Life Coach @ Glen Allen, Virginia
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Unbound! T.E.A.M

A simple mind brews a simple life! My guiding principle is simplification. 

Unbound My Life is a platform to share my unbound life story, to help others, to inspire others, to unleash creativities and innovations. 

My passion is to light up the world and make this world a better place!

To start a new life naturally, I challenge people to THINK differently, EAT differently, ACT differently, and MONEY Differently. I offer Unbound Life Coaching, Eating Habit Reset, Unbound Stretch Fitness, and Math to Wealth programs:
  • Think Differently: We are what we believe. What are your beliefs? I'll work with you to figure out what mind might be bothering you and see how you can think differently. Unbound Life Coaching program was derived directly from how I had struggled through and finally gotten out of my own black hole in the last 3 years
  • Eat Differently: Our body is made from what we eat. What are you eating? I'll work with you to figure out what food might be bothering you and see how you can eat differently. Eating Habit Reset program was derived directly from how I had reset my eating habit and mindset in the last 3 months 
  • Act Differently: Exercise is crucial to our health. How are you exercising? I'll work with you to review what exercise might be bothering you and see how you can act differently. Unbound Stretch was a finished product from my own experience of getting rid of my back pains, shoulder pains and join pains in the last 2 years. It's a 15 mins fitness program and you can do it anytime, anywhere, even in your bed, saving you hours of dedicated gym time 
  • Money Differently: Money is a inflicting point of almost everything in our life. Money is a very emotional thing and make us fail in many other more important things in our life including relationships. I'll work with you to understand your money challenges and how you can think money differently. Math to Wealth program was derived directly from my own struggling with investments and wealth building in the last 12 years. It's a program to understand wealth building in the math term and help reset our mindset towards investments and wealth building
Depending on your situation, it might take weeks, months or even years to start a new life naturally. In my case, I had been pushed to the edge and had suffered to the extreme since 3 years ago, however, it's like flipping a switch at one point in the last 3 months. I finally unbounded myself completely and I am now set free, like living in the wild. 

Please come join me in this Unbound World! We'll be building "Unbound!" communities together. Along the way, you'll realize that you, too, can start a new life naturally, just like me! Along the way, you'll find that you are also lighting up the world and making this world a better place!

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About David and His Life Program

David is a Thinker, Futurist, Simplificationist, and Practitionist.

David was born and raised in a poor peasant family and had thought his destiny to be a peasant’s life. In his 5th grade, enlightened by his math teacher, he followed a path to college, acquired Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and later Master Degree in Information Systems. 

With yesterday’s success, he was searching for a mentor as magnificent as his math teacher in the next 20+ years. In late 2015, he started suffering severe stress at work and started having sleep loss, back pain, tiredness, and depression. At the end of 2016, he got out of that hurting environment and started healing himself. 

The healing took great patience and lots of reflections. By the end of January 2018, he had finally righted all his situations. He is now happily living a simple unbounded life. At the age of over 40, he is feeling as of 20, energetic and productive.

Needless to say, this is transformational and breathtaking! Through this healing process, he has developed this coaching program to further help himself, his families and others. He also created David's Life Moments to keep track of his life moments in his new unbounded life and also in hope to leverage this site as a platform to interact with the world. In the meantime, he is writing a book “Yesterday’s Success is Today’s Failure” to share his stories. He wants to light up the world and make this world a better place!

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